Vision & Mission

CSD Alka’s VISION is to create

An organized society whose citizens are empowered to play an active role in creating a better future for present and next generations.


CSD “Alka” Mission is to stimulate and support communities’ initiatives for sustainable development and to build the capacities of organisations and institutions on local and regional level.

CSD “Alka” cooperates with communities, municipalities, governmental and nongovernmental organisations and institutions, by extending technical, consultative and financial assistance. The aim of this cooperation is CSD “Alka” contribution towards sustainable development of human and material resources and strengthening of the decentralisation processes in Republic of Macedonia.

Strategic directions of CSD ALKA

– Building capacities for local/regional partnership to mobilise local/regional potentials

– Initiating and promoting cooperation and innovation in rural development

– Improving the performances of the society figures and developing sustainable strategies for problem solving


Cooperation with the Ministries for collecting ideas from the beneficiaries in accordance with the Ministries’ action plans

Strengthening the communication between the municipalities and the citizens

Transparency of the municipalities (accountability)

Mediation between local authorities and communities and between local authorities on regional level

Facilitation of relations within communities

Promotion of local communities (their information and work)

Rights and obligations of local authorities

Rights and obligations of citizens

Promotion campaigns of municipalities and other institutions

Means, methods of citizen information

Support of initiatives for access of local citizens to the local government


Mobilisation of citizen groups

Promotion of the methodology for problem solving by including stakeholders.


Rural development of rural municipalities

Projects for sustainability of rural communities

Supporting initiatives for inclusion of rural women in municipal events

Supporting youth initiatives in rural areas, education, sport and recreation


Analysis and use of data from the work of the organisation up to date

Implementation of research activities, surveys, analysis of obtained results and presentation of the situations


Promotion of contemporary production methods and packaging of agricultural products

Agricultural production planning

Registration of individual farmers as legal entities.

CAPACITY BUILDING TRAININGS of citizens, NGOs, local administration, local companies

Training on access to IPA funds

Preparation of development plans

Preparation of project proposals

Trainings on project cycle management (PCM)

Management of human resources

Development planning in a specific sector: infrastructure, economic development, agriculture


Complete management in the area of construction

Support of infrastructure projects: Water supply, School buildings, Roads


Environmental protection

Campaigns for increasing public awareness:


Waste collection in rural environments

Waste management, its separation

Protection of natural ecological systems, promotion and institutionalisation

Finding and using alternative sources of energy


Possible border-line cooperation: Kosovo, and implementation of the SIDA program concept

Stimulate projects for border-line cooperation

Common action with similar organisations

Setting up of branches of ZORS “Alka” in the Republic of Macedonia


Projects for implementation of active labour market measures

Support of the business sector

Regional development


Alternative tourism, rural tourism, ecological food, old handcrafts

Provide incentives and support for association


Promotion of water communities

Management of water resources

Preparation of written documents: brochures, manuals, handbooks, publications

Sub-contractors for implementation of projects

Consulting services:

Project activities

Supporting and helping municipalities, NGOs, and other local organisations in the preparation of Project Proposals for IPA funds

Fulfilment of application forms

Preparation of Project Proposals/Programs

Complete management of projects

Evaluation of projects


Preparation of business plans for individuals and group of citizens

Financial framework and budget

Organisational building

Consultants of municipalities for gathering information about local needs

Legal consulting services and legal issues

Establishing of Association and necessary documentation

Basics of financial working

Office and Administrative work

Statutes and rules of work of the organs of the Association

Strategic and development planning

Evaluation of organisations

Survival and sustainability


Technical preparation of construction projects

Supervision, oversight of construction activities

Consultations about construction investments

Computer trainings

Building expertise of trainers for pre-qualifications contributing to the improvement of employability

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