Students practicum held in Elbasan


The next step after the preparatory sessions was bringing both groups of students to practice in the field what they have learned in auditoriums. The practicum process was hold in Elbasan and the group of students from Macedonia had the chance to see and interact with social workers of the social services offered from Tjeter Vizion association, Women Forum organization and “One more dream centre”. They also had the chance to be in contact with Elbasan Municipality representatives, responsible for the social services in the area state police station. The students’ group got enough information on the services offered, as well as how their role as social worker is very important and fundamental in these services. A close contact of these students with the beneficiaries helped them to understand better social service providing and how they can approach social services in their respective living areas. The students had the chance to carried out their practicum by following the instructions of the social workers. They also had an introduction session in Elbasan University (Social work department) about the process of practicum held in Elbasan and how university students apply their long term internships in social institutions.

Both groups of students are assigned to come up with an essay on fact, findings and facts seen during the practicum. In total 18 participants from FYR Macedonia attended the practicum. From them 12 were students, 3 University professors and 3 people from Alka.