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Workshop1 – Marketing Strategy
Elbasan, 18-19 May 2022
1st Workshop implemented for developing Strategic document for the promotion of Krusevo and Elbasan as a unique tourism destination.
Walk through Elbasan was done as part of the workshop one, with courtesy of Ms. Silva Belegu, Director of Culture Heritage Centre, from Municipality of Elbasan. The result of this workshop was developed first draft of the Krusevo and Elbasan unique tourism CB package.

Workshop2 – Marketing Strategy
Krusevo, 8-9 June 2022
New activities were implemented for the “Krusevo and Elbasan – acknowledged tourism CB destination” Project.
The second workshop in Krusevo got the beneficiaries closer to developing strategic actions to promote Krusevo and Elbasan as unique CB tourism destination. The walk through Krusevo, made possible for all participants to be acquainted with the unique tourists sites in Krusevo.
Within the framework of the workshop on Marketing strategy for the Krusevo – Elbasan cross-border tourist destination, a great contribution was given by the First Deputy Prime Minister for European Affairs, Bojan Maricic, as well as the mayor of the Municipality of Kruševo, Tome Hristoski and the Deputy Mayor of the Municipality of Elbasan, Artur Guni (video)

Officials meeting
Elbasan Municipality, 1 December 2022
Meeting of two mayors from the partners’ Municipalities of Elbasan & Krusevo and a meeting between the project team, was implemented. Visit onsite was completed also, in order to exchanging experiences for real project results.

Attending tourism fair
Belgrade tourism fair, 23 to 26 of February 2023,
Project Partners from Krusevo and Elbasan Municipalities had the pleasure to be presented on the Belgrade 44th International Tourism Fair from 23 to 26 of February 2023. This was an opportunity to present the project and the Krusevo-Elbasan acknowledged Cross Border tourism destination.
The event is attended in cooperation with the National Agency for Promotion and Support of Tourism from North Macedonia. Project Partners from Krusevo and Elbasan Municipalities have the pleasure to present the KET Project to the students from the University for tourism and management from Skopje https://ft.utms.edu.mk/

Training action
Krusevo, 2-3 March 2023
A two day training for tourism and hospitality service providers for the development of common innovative and attractive tourism products, and online marketing and promotion of their tourism products/services. This activity is a part of the action package that offers: Training portfolio first and then a continuous (ASP-Advisory Support Programme) for tourism and hospitality service providers, for increasing their management/business knowledge, raising services’ standards, using online marketing and promotion. In general this training aims to strengthen the knowledge and skills of the beneficiaries regarding incorporating online marketing in their day-to-day operations. The training is conducted for the interested CB beneficiaries: Facilities/households giving lodging; Small/Medium businesses that offer lodging; Restaurants (specific local/traditional food); Shops for handcrafts and organic/eco products; Local landmarks of cultural heritage; Sites/buildings that organize cultural events; Sport/recreation facilities; Tourist Agencies; Agro-tourism businesses, Responsible institutions/individuals for local tourism development and more.

Krusevo Promo Event
Paragliding Center in Krusevo, 26 May 2023
Promo event was organized and implemented for presenting the currently implemented project actions to the public. Further on the prepared CBC Analyses and Strategy was promoted, as well as the future project steps for Prioritizing & Action planning for imminent CBC tourism growth of the unique Krusevo and Elbasan cross-border tourism destination. The project team and both mayors of Krusevo and Elbasan Municipalities, Tome Hristoski and Gledian Llatja, had the pleasure to introduce the project to the H.E. Mr. David Gееr, Ambassador of the European Union to the Republic of North Macedonia, to the representative of the Ministry for Local Self-Government, of the Republic of North Macedonia and the wider public from the region. The Implemented and current construction actions in Krusevo Municipality were presented on the event.
1. Arrangement of the approaching site to the paragliding run with the following contents
• Construction of a parking lot
• Horticulture arrangement
• Visitors approaching paths
• Benches
• Bicycle parking
• Trash cans
• Sanitary facilities
2. Measuring stations (2pcs) for air quality
3. 200 led bulbs installed
4. Downhill cycling tracks to be built

Opening event in Funar
Funar tourism adventure park, 10 June 2023
Opening ceremony of the newly constructed Tourism Info Center and Paragliding run in Funar area, Elbasan, happened on the FUNAR FEST – Funar day festival
Mayor of Elbasan, Mayor of Krusevo, and representatives from the partnering organisations TVO from Elbasan and ALKA from Skopje were present, as well as people from Elbasan area. The FUNARI ADVENTURE PARK, opened its doors to tourists from all over the region offering a tourism package for adventure sports enthusiasts in Funar:
• Information and tourist hospitality point
• Paragliding run
• Kayaking on the lake
• Mountain biking
• Hiking and climbing the mountain trails …
The project partners used the event, for sharing valuable experiences in regard to the adventure tourism development in Krusevo and Elbasan cross-border destination. Visiting the newly constructed Paragliding run in Funar area, Elbasan
**Implementing such an ambitious project for tourism development in close cooperation between the Municipality of Krusevo, Municipality of Elbasan and partner organisations Tjeter Vision and ALKA.
Delegation of the European Union, Skopje
IPA II CBC Programme – Republic of North Macedonia & Republic of Albania
Bashkia Elbasan
Општина Крушево/Municipality of Krusevo

Funar adventure
Project monitoring meeting and site visit by the Programme Manager from the Delegation of the European Union, with the project partners from Elbasan, done on 8th of November 2023 in TVO premises and at Municipality of Elbasan.
Presenting the project results from the action – A1 Infrastructure works, Elbasan Municipality:
• Developing an adventure hiking trail in Funar area, Elbasan (with sign posts and viewpoints)
• Itinerary for active/adventure tourism done with signposts and maps for locating important attractions/places encompassing Elbasan and Funar area

Krusevo adventure
The project implemented and current construction actions in Krusevo Municipality as follows:
1. Arrangement of the approaching site to the paragliding run with the following contents
• Construction of a parking lot
• Horticulture arrangement
• Visitors approaching paths
• Benches
• Bicycle parking
• Trash cans
2. Sanitary facilities
3. Measuring stations (2pcs) for air quality
4. 200 led bulbs installed
5. Downhill cycling tracks to be built

Project added value
Rehabilitation of the road from village Letan to the Funar center. An added value to the infrastructure works within the KET Project.
Elbasan Another important investment in road infrastructure is the complete rehabilitation of the road that connects the village of Letan with the Funar Administrative Unit that welcomes many visitors every season of the year. (video)

KET Success story
Fostering Sustainable Tourism Development in Krushevo and Elbasan
A remarkable journey commenced when project partners united with a common goal: to foster sustainable tourism development in the cross-border destination of Krushevo and Elbasan, considering the delicate balance between environmental preservation, economic growth, and socio-cultural enrichment.
Building upon existing groundwork, the project provided crucial infrastructure enhancements to complement the globally renowned Krusevo paragliding center. The outcome was a well-rounded set of facilities, including dedicated areas for paragliders and their equipment, urban equipment for registration, waiting and relaxation spaces, air quality and wind measurement stations, an urban downhill biking trail, smart LED lighting, and signposts highlighting cultural and historical landmarks. On the other side, the municipality of Elbasan aimed at fostering tourism growth in the Funar area, renowned for its natural and cultural treasures, particularly in attracting paragliding enthusiasts, hikers, bikers, and water sports enthusiasts. The project funds were invested in a Tourist Info Center, equipment supply, hiking trails, signposts, and maps, all designed to promote the region’s tourist attractions. All construction adhered to national laws and environmental regulations, with a total investment of €441,050, covering 60% of eligible costs.
In addition to infrastructure, the project created a unique promotional tourism package, marketing and branding activities, and capacity-building initiatives for service providers. Training programs were intended for tourist guides and rescue service members, further enhancing the region’s tourism offerings. Throughout the project, Krusevo and Elbasan engaged in a series of exchange experiences, sharing insights into active tourism, cultural heritage, and traditional values through fostered strong partnerships.
By carefully orchestrating infrastructure improvements, joint strategic actions, capacity-building, and stakeholder cooperation, the project unlocked fresh economic prospects for urban and rural communities, contributing significantly to sustainable tourism development in the Krushevo and Elbasan cross-border destination. The completion of the project largely dependent on the good cooperation and exchange of experiences between the municipality administrations of Krusevo and Elbasan. The local knowledge and ownership of the partners was instrumental in achieving the wider objectives of promoting economic and social development in the border areas of Albania and North Macedonia and developing sustainable nature-and-culture tourism. Ultimately, the project contributed to putting the cross-border region of Krusevo-Elbasan more prominently on the adventure tourism map of Europe.

Training action
27-28 September 2023
Training program for tourist guides and rescue service members was implemented in Elbasan in September 2023.
• The training is organised with tour guides from Elbasan, Albania and Krusevo, North Macedonia.
• The training aims to update and enrich the knowledge and skills of tour guides from both destinations, Krusevo and Elbasan.
• This training is being organised in the project framework “CBC Project – Krusevo and Elbasan, Acknowledged Cross Border Tourism Destination”.