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Ilinden Memorial, also known as Makedonium (Macedonian: Споменик „Илинден“ or Македониум), is a monument in Kruševo, North Macedonia. It was officially opened on August 2 of 1974, on the 30th anniversary of the Second Session of the Anti-fascist Assembly for the National Liberation of Macedonia and the 71st anniversary of the 1903 Ilinden uprising. The designers of the monument are Jordan Grabuloski and Iskra Grabuloska.







Big town square/plato in Krusevo. In the past, Gumenje was a real part where the inhabitants of Krushevo worked. Today it is known as a place for recreation and games, especially loved by the younger ones but adults too. Near it is the Old “corso” – which in the past was the main place for socializing and walking, the monument to Nikola Karev, the Ilinden monument, NOB museum and the memorial house of Toše Proeski and his grave.

Nikola Martinoski art gallery

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Address: St. Shula Mina, Krusevo



Among the most visited localities in Krusevo is the picture gallery of the famous portraitist Nikola Martinoski whose work makes him one of the most prominent figures in 20th century Macedonian culture. Beside Martinoski’s great works, like the picture The Mother with a Child inside the gallery house one can acknowledge a lot about Macedonian way of life during the 20th century. The gallery is founded in 1968, and the oldest drawing dates back from 1928. Nikola Martinoski Gallery is placed in a Krusevo house, a unique example of an old architecture of the 19 century.

Ilinden Uprising Weapons Foundry

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Address: St. Tome Nikle No.57, Krusevo



The Foundry Museum has been around since it reopened in 2003. It is located in the same house where the secret workshop for making bullets for the needs of the insurgents was located before and during the Ilinden Uprising. This museum also exhibits a very extensive collection of weapons that were used by the insurgents. Among other things, there is also the personal weapon of Nikola Karev – President of the Krushevo Republic since 1903. Inside are also the part of the tools that they used and some for making the bullets and weapons.

The museum of National Liberation War

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The museum of NLW Krushevo was opened in 1988. In it you can find exhibits that remind of the national liberation war of 1941-1945. Starting from the revolutionary traditions of the Ilinden Uprising and the Krusevo Republic, the Museum follows the revolutionary path of the partisan detachment forces of “Pitu Guli” through photographs during the war, as well as numerous exhibits (original weapons and objects used by soldiers). One of the more interesting exponents is the large fresco, a work of art by the famous painter Borko Lazeski, which expresses the course of the war.

Ilinden Uprising Museum

Tel: +389 48 477 098
Tel: +389 48 477 126

Address: St. Taki Berber No.44a



The Museum of the Ilinden Uprising and the Krusevo Republic – a museum located in Krusevo, Macedonia. The house is registered as a Cultural Heritage of Macedonia under the name “House in which the Republic of Krushevo was proclaimed”, The museum is under the jurisdiction of the Historical Museum – Krushevo. The museum is located on street “Taki Berber” no. 44a, in an old town house that dates back to the 19th century and belonged to the brothers Naum Tomalevski and Gjorgi Tomalevski. This was the house in which the Krushev Republic was proclaimed in 1903.

The Toshe Proeski Memorial House

Tel: +38948 477888

Address: St. Nikola Karev No N°, place called Gumenje, Krusevo



The memorial house for Toše Proeski in Gumenje in Krushevo was opened on April 25, 2011. The memorial house is a monument to a man, a symbol, a character with values, a memory of one of the most striking figures in recent Macedonian history. The memorial house represents the materialization of the entire life path of Toše Proeski and through its contents provides a chronological account of his childhood, teenage years and the period when Toše reached the peak of his musical and artistic career.

Sliva Monument





The monument “Sliva” is a symbol of the heroism and self-sacrifice of the Macedonian insurgents during the defense of the Krushev Republic on August 12, 1903. It is deeply engraved in the soul and consciousness of the Macedonian men and women.

Cross of Christ
Nikola Karev Monument

Old Bridge, v.Buchin

Address: Buchinski Old Bridge

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Old Buchin Bridge — a stone arch bridge that spans Crna Reka (Black River) in the immediate vicinity of the village of Buchin. The bridge has been left to decay in the face of time, although it has been declared a cultural heritage of Macedonia. This bridge was built on the Crna Reka in Roman times. It is assumed that Via Egnatia used to pass here. Today, next to the Old Bridge there is a newly built modern bridge.

House of Nikola Karev

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Nikola Karev’s house – a house in Krushevo, Macedonia. The house is listed as a Cultural Heritage of Macedonia.

Old town house on St.Kocha Milenku No.4

Address: St.Kocha Milenku No.4





The house is registered as a Cultural Heritage of Macedonia.

Old town houses

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The house is registered as a Cultural Heritage of Macedonia.

Church of St. John the Baptist






The church “St. John the Baptist – Macedonian Orthodox Church located in Krusevo, Macedonia. The Church was built in 1897 and is located in the immediate vicinity of the center of Kruevo. The church has an iconostasis made by Nestor and Lazar Alexievski, that is registered as a Cultural Heritage of Macedonia. Inside the church, you can also see two large ovens typical of the Krushev houses. This church is also known as Vlach church. The building is one of the best preserved in the city.

Church of Saint Nicholas

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The Church of Saint Nicholas was built in 1905 on the site of the previous church (dating from 1832) which was burned during the Ilinden Uprising. The Church of Saint Nicholas is a fallen temple in Krushevo and is located in the old bazaar in the central part of this small town. It is one of the oldest sacral buildings in Krushevo. This church is also known for the famous iconostasis made by the family of Petre Filiposki – Garkata.

House of Culture "Naum Naumovski - Borče"

  Address: St.Kocha Milenku No.72





The building is registered as a Cultural Heritage of Macedonia.

Monastery of the Holy Transfiguration of the Lord






The monastery complex of St. Transfiguration, was built in the village of Ruchalo at about 1642 m above sea level, in a beautiful and picturesque natural setting. To the north of Krushevo the complex is about 8 km away, located near the locality “Sliva”. The monastery was destroyed at the beginning of the 19th century, and was restored in 1986. This monastery is a transition point for mountain bikers and mountaineers on the way to Musica, at 1,780 m.a.s.l.. Every August 18th, the people of Krusev gather here. Beautiful monastery with comfortable rooms.

Bears' Stone (Meckin Kamen) Monument





The Meckin Kamen monument in Krusevo, synonymous with the Republic of Krushevo and the heroism of the insurgents, is declared a significant cultural heritage, with which this locality will be properly maintained and infrastructurally preserved. This is on the initiative of the Krushevo local government.

Monastery of Holy Saviour






The church of the monastery of St. Spas near Krushevo was built in 1826 and is located on 600 m. altitude and has ideal climatic conditions. It is located in a beautiful forest setting and is a favorite picnic spot for locals and tourists.

St. Bogorodica/ Church of Holy Mother of God






The Church of Saint Bogoroditsa is located high in the upper town, near the old school Nikola Karev and the historical museum. It was built in 1867 and is therefore the second oldest church after St. Nikola (which dates back to 1832. Inside the church, large parts of the rich frescoes that were painted during its construction have been preserved.

Monastery of Saint Basil the Great






The monastery of Saint Vasilije is located 8 km from Krushevo, near the monastery of Saint Spas (Holy Saviour) on one side and the old village of Trstenik on the other side. Near the monastery you can enjoy the beautiful untouched deep forest that surrounds it. Its construction began in 1995 on the basis of a former church.

House of the City People's Committee

   Address: St.Shula Mina No.

   Web: Wikipedia 




The house is registered as a Cultural Heritage of Macedonia.

Krushevo Lake





Krusevo Lake, close to the place Gumenje is an artificial reservoir just outsite of the town Krusevo, from which runs the Krusevo-Norovska river. Wonderful place for a stroll all year around. Good for couples and outdoors family gatherings. Vibrant place, beautifull nature, calmness. Good for swiming and kajaking. A nice place for recreation and charging the batteries. The entire lake is surrounded by an illuminated cycling and walking path.

Paragliding Start






Exceptional paragliding spot with breathtaking views. Easily accessible from Krushevo, less than 5km away from the center. Offering amazing land viewpoints and clean air. An unforgettable experience!

Sports playgrounds


Panorama All Seasons Adventure






Real adventure. The adventure park has different activities for all ages. It’s situated at the top of the mountain,and has an awesome scenery.

Ski center Stanic
Ski-center „Scout“

Adrenalin Park





Real adventure. The adventure park has different activities for all ages. It’s situated at the top of the mountain,and has an awesome scenery.

Shula Mina (Begova Korija)
Tel: +389 48477310




Panorama Hotel & SPA

Tel: +38972808808, +38972807807

Address: Koca Milenku 80, Krushevo 7550



Facebook: Panorama Hotel & SPA


Want a real rest? How about going back to nature? Do you need to recharge your batteries? How about an oasis worth coming across all seasons? Treat yourself to round-the-clock panoramic view of one of the most beautiful mountainous towns in the world?

Hotel Montana Palace

Tel: +389 48 477-121, +389 76 444-102

Address: Pitu Guli bb, Krushevo 7550



Facebook: Hotel Montana Palace


Hotel Montana Palace was built in 1973 in Yugoslavia as a state owned company. Today it is privately owned company operated as a flexible startup. In 2010 this hotel was bought by a local family and since then it has undergone couple of renovation cycles, and through re-branding it’s image was restored. Sales has grown 10-fold so far and continues to grow.

Ethno Villa

Tel: +389 78 277 692

Address: Vlach Maalo



Apartments Vila „La Stabe“

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Address: Koca Milenku No.46, Krusevo

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Apartments Doris

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Address: Todor Proeski No.38, Krushevo 7550

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The town appartments and/or Mountain House Doris-Krusevo

NULI Apartments

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Address: Koca Milenku No.46b, Krusevo


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Hotel and B&B


Apartments MATEJ

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Address: Niko Doaga No.8


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Apartments HARDI

Tel: +389 76 202 528

Address:  Kiro Fetak No4, Krusevo

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In the heart of the city… Newly opened apartments….. Apartments “Hardy” – we have 1/2 and 1/3 studios – fully equipped.. Own bathroom, Mini kitchen, TV, WI-FI, Own parking

Papi Apartments

Tel: +389 75 350 393

Address: Koca Milenku No.61, Krusevo


Facebook:  Papi apartments

Jane Appartments

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Apartments Jane is located in the center of Krushevo and offers new and modern accommodation services for visitors. The apartments are only a hundred meters away from night clubs, restaurants, cafes, shops, banks and more. Moreover, these apartments offer a low price with high quality conditions. Each building has its own toilet and is suitable for families with children, but also for tourists traveling alone. In addition to apartments, tourists can also use taxi services with preferential prices for those staying here.

Villa& Casa La Kola

Tel: +389 75 318779, +389 70 379 276

Address: Niko Doaga No.21 & 70




Villa La Kola high quality accommodation in Krusevo offers 6 fully equipped apartments and 3 double rooms.
Contact +38975318779 (viber, what`s up)

Villa Marija

Tel: +389 71 261 398

Address: Koca Milenku No.00, Krusevo


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Apartments NANE

Tel: +389 75 618 684

Address: Pitu guli 55, Krusevo

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On Top Apartments

Tel: +389 78 830 831

Address: Todor Proeski No.00, Krushevo


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Villa Toshe.D

Tel: +389 70 608 700

Address: Niko Doaga No.00

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Tel: +389 75 534 836

Address: Nikola Karev 2, Krushevo

Web: Guliban


STEFANI Apartments

Tel: +389 70 299 496

Address: Kiro Fetak No.42, Krusevo

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Villa Irena

Tel: +389 70 339 356

Address: Kiro Fetak No.6, Krusevo

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Vila Papu
Tel: +389 78 303 244

Address: Niko Doaga No.66



Facebook: Vila Papu

Apartments „Aria“

Tel: +389 78 968 607

Address: Partizanska 45, Krushevo


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Alexander Apartment

Tel: +389 71 375 987

Address: Partizanska 44, Krushevo

Web: Alexander Apartment

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Medusa Temple

Tel: +389 70 333 859


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Hotel owned and run by Igor Todevski, pioneering paraglider.

Villa Medusa

Accomodation Kiko

Tel: +389 70 299 496

Address: Mise Eftim No.13a

Web: Kiko

Apartment Kristi

Tel: +389 78 309 253

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Vince Apartmani

Tel: +389 76 408 909

Address: Taka Berber 18





More than 35 years of tradition of hospitality and family tourism. We are oriented towards the comfort of our guests, providing a warm welcome, comfortable accommodation and a relaxed atmosphere.Modern equipped apartments (2 1, 3 and 4 beds), an attractive location, next to chair-lift the walking distance from downtown.

Аpartments „Alex“

Tel: +389 70 565 724

Address: Koca Milenku, Krusevo

Web: Apartments Alex

Studio Kuzmanoski

Tel: +389 75 350 239

Addreess: Blago Celev 26, Krushevo

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Hotel and B&B

Maya's Apartments

Tel: +389 71 356 761

Address: Manchu Matak 20, Krusevo


Facebook:  Maya’s Apartments



Konak Hilltop Lodge & Villa

Tel: +389 78 843 685

Address: Tose Proeski No.10


Facebook: Konak Hilltop Lodge & Villa


Casa al Tagas

Tel: +389 71 692 154

Address: Manchu Matak 1, Krusevo

Web:  Casa al Tagas


Pizza Skar

Tel: +389 70 252 517

Address: Ilindenska 108, Krushevo

Web: Pizza Skar

Facebook: Pizza Skar



With many years of tradition, from 1997, located in the heart of beautiful Krushevo, we are known by the good wine and the lovely food, enriched with Krushevo’s specialities, in front of you is one of the most unforgettable gourmet experience. We wish you a warm welcome and we hope that you like the choice of food in our menu. Enjoy!

Shape Restaurant

Tel: +389 78 377 580

Address: Ilindenska 39, Krushevo

Web: Sape restaurant

Facebook: Sape restaurant

A history of more than 35 years, the taste of Macedonian tradition, a bohemian atmosphere, all in one place made with a lot of love by the hands of top craftsmen. Our kitchen will delight you, it will offer you an unforgettable perspective of Macedonian national cuisine. Impeccable service combined with an excellent and wide selection of freshly prepared food, traditional and international dishes, appetizers, a wide selection of drinks and desserts. Start your adventure with us!

Pizza Restaurant - Roma

Tel: +389 70 388 704

Address: Ilindenska 39, Krushevo

Web: Pizza Roma

Facebook: Pizza Roma


Pizza restaurant ROMA is one of the most famous restaurants in Krushevo. It is a place with a beautiful atmosphere, wonderful food and top service. From the skilled hands of our masters, you can taste the most beautiful pizzas, widely known – melted cheese, krushevsko grne, roma grne, you can try the different types of meat, fish, grill, pasta specialties from our rich menu.

Andora Pizza Restaurant

Tel: +389 48 477 450

Address: St. Blago Celev, Krushevo

Facebook: Andora Pizza



Pizza restaurant


Etno Restaurant
Tel: +389 78 377 215

Address: St. Todor Proeski No.2, Krushevo


Web: Etno Restaurant

Facebook: Etno Restaurant


Restaurant, Ethno inn is a place surrounded by ethnic elements and grilled specialties. Here, among other specialties, you can try kebab and burger along with a glass of Macedonian beer.

Krushevska Odaja

Tel: +38975 421 946

Address: St.Todor Proeski 71, Krusevo

Web: Krushevska Odaja



Ethno Restaurant, Manifesto for good food. Krushevska Odaja is one of the newer restaurants in Krushevo, which represents an image of tradition, ethnic style and memory of the glorious past of Krushevo. With a location close to the Todor Proeski memorial house and the historical place of Gumenje, it offers a real sense of heritage enriched by the taste of the cooked food and recipes that make this place recognizable.

Gostilnica Marcelo

Tel: +389 78 364 678

Address: Ilindenska, Krusevo

Web: Gostilnica Marcelo

Facebook: Marcelo


Lounge bar and grill – Marchelo offers kebab with a unique taste that is recognizable in the region. Kebab IN Marcello is part of the traditional food of Krushevo, and the recipe for its preparation is a hallmark of Krushevo. In addition to kebab, you can try different foods in this inn: melted cheese, krushevsko grne, salad, pizza, etc. Moreover, every Saturday in Marcello there is a party with live music.

Picerija Alla-Igor

Address: Ilindenska, Krusevo

Web: Alla Igor 

Facebook: Alla Igor


Pizzeria Alla Igor is a place where, in addition to pizza, you can try different types of sandwiches with homemade bread. It is located in the city center right next to the two nightlife bars and is very popular with young people, but also in the morning hours when people working in local institutions and shops buy food from there.

Gostilnica Meta

Address:Ilindenska, Krusevo

Facebook: GostilnicaMeta




Good place for local cuisine. Prices are very affordable and quality is good.

Old School - Republic

Tel: +389 78 834 311

Address: Ilindenska, Krusevo

Web: Old school

Facebook: Old school


Old School – Republic is the only pub in Krushevo. However, the owners announced that they intend to get involved in the nightlife of Krushevo by organizing parties and renovating the summer terrace. Until then, you can visit Old Skool for a coffee or try some of the drinks they offer.

Lion, Cofee Bar

Address: St.Todor Proeski, Krusevo

Facebook: Lion



Cozy coffee bar with very friendly and helpful people. The place also serves some dishes.

Duomo Lounge & Bar

Tel: +389 48 474 200

Address: Ilindenska 27, Krushevo


Facebook: Duomo

Tagas Balkan

Tel: +389 71 692 154

Address: St. Niko Doaga, Krusevo

Facebook: Tagas Balkan


Sweet gift shop, Authenitic Krusevo Lokum (Turkish delight) with or without walnuts and now coconut and hazelnut.

Spiki Bakery

Tel: +389 71 860 000

Address: Mishe Evtim 48, 7550, Krushevo

Facebook: Spiki Bakery 


Best Baked bread

Elpa Bakery

Tel: +38948 476 613

Address: St.Todor Proeski, Krusevo



Fantastic local backer which offers freshly backed bead and pastry on woods.