PROJECT "GREEN growth and sustainable development"

Under the “GREEN growth and sustainable development” project, ALKA is enhancing its internal capabilities to play a more active and targeted role in combatting climate change through elevated activities. ALKA’s bolstered capacities will be utilized to raise awareness among citizens regarding the “Zero Waste” initiative and the significance of addressing climate change across various sectors and decision-making levels. In doing so, ALKA aims to contribute within the context of the “EU Green Deal and the Green Agenda for the Western Balkans” ecosystem, ultimately supporting the successful implementation of the EU accession process.

Within the “GREEN growth and sustainable development” project’s framework, ALKA is building its internal capacities to contribute much more actively and focused to the fight against climate change, with activities at a higher level.

The additionally built capacities of ALKA will be put into operation and contribute to increasing citizens’ awareness of the “Zero Waste” initiative and the importance of dealing with climate change in all sectors and all levels of decision-making. Thus, ALKA will contribute within the framework of the “EU Green Deal and the Green Agenda for the Western Balkans” ecosystem and to implementing a successful EU accession process.


The implementation of the activities from the Project “GREEN Growth and Sustainable Development” are supported within the framework of the project “CGOs in action for climate change, implemented by Eco-vest in partnership with the Macedonian Association of Young Lawyers-MZMP and the Organization for the Promotion of Natural Values and people-CVNP.

Overall objective(s):

Strengthening ALKA’s organizational capacities to transition towards its increasing visibility and recognition in environmental protection and climate change.

Specific objectives:

  • Strengthening of organizational capacities in terms of environmental protection and climate change.
  • Improve organizational capacities for increased impact and visibility of the implemented activities.
  • Changing the habits of the citizens of the municipalities of Karposh and Centar, i.e. of the
    Republic of North Macedonia, to achieve “Zero waste in households.”

Expected results:

  • Organizational strengthening – training employees on climate change and preparation of ALKA Strategy 2024-2028.
  • Organizational strengthening – visibility and promotion. Reconstruction of Social Media and technical support for their successful use.
  • Raising awareness of “Zero Waste” – A brief analysis of household waste practices. Preparation and implementation of a campaign

Implementation period:
01.02.2023 – 20.04.2024


Implemented by:
Center for Sustainable Development ALKA


Visibility / Publications: