Who We Are !

ALKA, as a team, has been engaged in civil sector activities on national and regional levels since 1999, then registered as Macedonian Association of Citizens in April 2004. ALKA team is dedicated to working towards an organized society with empowered citizens who actively create a better future for all generations. ALKA has broad experience in democratic and decentralization processes, economic development, energy efficiency, etc. and provides extensive input in building capacities of regional/local authorities, formal organisations, non-formal groups and the local population.

ALKA, in its work, is using a well-established working methodology. It is designed due to a need for cooperation with the local population and local government as beneficiaries and decision-makers for various priorities and needs. The methodology goals are to (1) raise awareness and strengthen beneficiaries’ capacity, (2) achieve balanced and ongoing participation of the parties involved in project designing and implementation, (3) identify local priority needs and mobilise all possible local resources for solving priority projects, (4) designing sustainable solutions for the priority, articulated into project proposals and (5) reaching sustainable local/regional development.

Accordingly, this methodology can be applied to the needs and beneficiaries’ potentials in various social sectors (local/regional economic development, inter-municipal cooperation, environment and climate change, different infrastructure sectors, human rights, gender equity, education, sports and recreation, etc.)

Our vision

To create an organized society where citizens are empowered to play an active role in creating a better future for the present and future generations.

Our mission

ALKAs’ mission is to stimulate and support communities’ initiatives for sustainable development and to build the capacities of organizations and institutions on the local and regional levels.

ALKA cooperates with communities, municipalities, governmental and non-governmental organizations, and institutions, by extending technical, consultative, and financial assistance. The aim of this cooperation is ALKA’s contribution towards the sustainable development of human and material resources and the strengthening of the decentralization processes in the Republic of North Macedonia.

Our strategy

ALKA’s unique approach and objectives enable us to contribute to lasting and transformative change through varied but interconnected dimensions of our work. As a result of our efforts, we expect civil society to build counterpower and ultimately succeed in bringing a better future for all.

Our strategic directions:

  • Democracy and Good Governance
    Democracy and good governance are indeed crucial issues for North Macedonia, as they are for any country striving for stability, prosperity, and the well-being of its citizens. Like many other countries, North Macedonia faces various challenges and opportunities in these areas.
    ALKA believes that democracy and good governance go beyond the government and actively work with various stakeholders, including civil society, media, independent activists, etc. With the partnership of international donors and organisations, we improve government capacities on the local, regional, and national levels, actively contribute to inclusive policy-making, and ensure the involvement of vulnerable, marginalised and disadvantaged groups, including women, youth, minorities, people with disabilities, LGBTQI+, eco-migrants in the decision-making process.
  • Economic growth
    Economic growth is critical for North Macedonia to solve its development challenges, drive progress and improve living standards.
    ALKA strives to create a fair and prosperous society in the region by supporting inclusive, sustained, and resilient economic development while preserving the natural environment. We partner with public bodies and non-governmental and international organizations to foster modern, resource-efficient, competitive green economic development.
    ALKA’s assistance includes supporting green skills to create an enabling business environment and promote green growth. We build the local and regional capacity toward building sustainable development.
  • Climate Change, Environment and Energy
    ALKA’s work in the Balkan region to tackle energy, climate change, and environmental protection challenges has extended over two decades. We partner with governments, the private sector, nongovernmental organizations, and other stakeholders to create sustainable solutions for complex climate-related and environmental problems.
    ALKA promotes inclusive climate-neutral governance, applying modern approaches and technologies, and builds sound environmental management systems at every level to support better natural resources management and biodiversity protection, increase climate resilience and energy security, and create lasting opportunities that sustain livelihoods.

Our area of practice

In our commitment to driving positive change and achieving meaningful outcomes, we take pride in our competencies across diverse practice areas. These competencies enable us to effectively address complex challenges and contribute to the betterment of society. Our expertise spans various fields, each crucial in advancing our mission.

Here, we introduce four key areas of practice where we excel:

  • Civil society development, institutional strengthening and good governance
    Our competence in civil society development and institutional strengthening is at the core of our commitment to fostering vibrant, empowered civil societies. We work diligently to enhance the capacities of civil society organizations, promote good governance practices, and create an enabling environment for civic engagement. Our aim is to empower civil society to be effective, accountable, and influential actors in shaping policies, advocating for change, and promoting transparency and accountability.
  • Research and Policy Development:
    Research and policy development are key competences that drive evidence-based decision-making and effective advocacy. We specialize in conducting rigorous research, data analysis, and policy formulation to address pressing societal issues. Our expertise equips us to provide valuable insights, identify trends, and propose informed policy solutions that lead to positive societal outcomes.
  • Compliance Management
    In an increasingly regulated and complex environment, compliance management is critical for organizations to operate ethically and efficiently. Our competence in compliance management ensures that organizations adhere to legal and ethical standards. We offer comprehensive compliance solutions, risk assessment, and guidance to help our partners navigate the intricacies of regulatory frameworks while maintaining integrity and accountability.
  • Knowledge Management, Education, Communication, and Networking
    Effective knowledge management, education, communication, and networking are essential for promoting awareness, fostering collaboration, and building partnerships. We excel in creating knowledge-sharing platforms, educational programs, and communication strategies that facilitate the dissemination of information, engage stakeholders, and foster collaboration among diverse actors. Our networking competence enables us to connect stakeholders, facilitate dialogue, and catalyze collective action for positive change.

Our competencies are driven by a commitment to excellence, inclusivity, and sustainability in each of these practice areas. We leverage our expertise to empower individuals, organizations, and communities, working collaboratively to address pressing challenges and create a brighter future for all.

Our organizational structure

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